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Martial arts training is for everyone. Any martial arts take years to perfect and even then you always find that there is more to be learned and mastered. Therefore it is something that you can do all your life and never get bored with it.

As studying martial arts can be a lifetime investment it is important to select a school that you feel comfortable training at, that is why we offer up to 3 months of our beginner class training for one low flat fee. To join or to schedule your introductory lesson, please see the Class Schedule page .

Deciding, what kind of martial arts is the best for you:

Every kind of martial arts should introduce you to the same knowledge in the end even though the path to get there can be very different. Therefore it is really up to you what path you decide to take.

Think about what it is that you want to achieve in your martial arts training. Many people start training for different reasons, some like to get fitter, some like to learn how to fight, some like to compete, some just like the ancient exercise and the mental strength the training offers. What ever the reason is, there is a school that should satisfy your needs. Talk to the Sensei about the focus of their training.

Visiting several schools is important, you’ll find that the visual aspect of the different styles is not the same, as the method of teaching is not the same. You may prefer one above another.

Selecting a good school:

Test out several dojos in your area to see the different approaches to teaching, and the techniques being taught, you may find some styles visually more appealing than others, you may find that some schools put a lot of emphasis on sparring practice, another may focus on tournament style kata practice. We try to teach in an unchanged traditional way. Being a traditional dojo, we therefore put an emphasis on the eastern etiquette as well as on the physical and internal training.

Look at the students – in a good dojo, through the ranks you should see progress in the technique, the attitude to training and the focus and spirit the students put into training. It may not be as distinguishable amongst children and between lower ranks, but you should be able to see at least some improvements in the technique.

Starting your training:

We cannot tell you what happens in other schools, so lets say you decided to come to our dojo. Your introductory lessons may be shorter than a full lesson, but you may remain in the dojo and watch the rest of the training and ask any questions you can think of. During the first class you will participate in the standard warm-up exercises and then you will be introduced to some of the basic blocks, punches and kicks we practice. These techniques are very similar if not the same across many karate styles, therefore it won’t help you with deciding on the kind of style you want to study, but it will give you an idea on the teaching approach in the school.

Karate training:

Karate training is very repetitive. Only with practice does your muscle memory develop and become used to the techniques performed during each training. It may prove boring especially when you feel like you already know it, however the longer you stay with karate the more you’ll find that there is still so much more to learn about all the material you thought you knew, and one day, when you get your first black belt you will realize that doing the elementary techniques that you found so boring during your first month of training are so much fun and you can work on many improvements every time you do them. To make things easier on you, we try to avoid doing the same exact routine every class, instead we introduce different approaches to achieve the same goal.

Benefits of Martial Arts Training (karate):

Empowerment of the individual to actively engage in making a positive, peacefull and community building contribution in all areas of his/her life.

Fosters the development of:


At Spirit First Martial Arts Dojo we practice and teach traditional Okinawan Shorin Ryu Karate and Kobudo, which consists of Chubu Shorin Ryu, Machimura Seito Shorin Ryu and Koga Ryu Kobudo (weapons' art) martial arts.

Located in Springwood, Queensland, we deliver karate classes to students from Springwood, Underwood, Slacks Creek, Rochedale, Rochedale South, Daisy Hill, Shailer Park, Loganholme, Tanah Merah and other Qld. suburbs.

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