Spirit First Martial Arts' Rules, Regulations and Conditions of Membership

Due to insurance requirements students are not permitted to participate in classes unless their tuitions are paid and current!

Membership may not exceed 15 months, any membership renewal must be accepted in writing by the purchaser and SFMA Sensei. All Shorin Ryu Karate Memberships are renewed in January each year.

Fees & costs - $2 processing fee will be charged on all declined payments. Declined transactions will be re-tried twice with 2 days in-between. Purchaser agrees to pay for all costs and expenses, including legal fees, incurred in the enforcement of this agreement and collection of any amounts due Spirit First Martial Arts.

Our Obligation To You – Spirit First Martial Arts (hereinafter “SFMA”) promises to provide competent instruction and suitable facilities in which to learn the martial arts.

Your Obligation To SFMA – I (or) the student(s) agree to faithfully abide by all of SFMA’s rules, regulations, and traditions and have read the code of conduct (below). The purchaser and /or student, understands that regular attendance is required for advancement and recognizes that it is your responsibility to attend classes. Absence from class does not relinquish your financial obligation.

Student’s Health – I hereby state that I (or) the student(s) is physically healthy and am not aware of having any physical medical, mental or health disability or conditions or disease which might or could be aggravated or worsened by physical exercise and to take the prescribed course of instruction and that I (or) the student(s) have observed and/or participated in at least one (1) introductory class or the beginner program prior to the signing of this agreement.

Physical Contact - I (or) the student(s) understand, that during this course of instruction, SFMA’s employees and instructors and/or other students or authorized persons will be engaged in self-defense training requiring some physical contact; I give full consent to such contact as is required by such training. I understand that safety equipment approved by SFMA is mandatory for participation in free-style sparing. Safety equipment substantially lessens the possibility of accident or injury during sparring activity; however SFMA does not warrant this protective equipment.

Membership cancelation

Recurring memberships: Memberships may be cancelled with written request to SFMA. After one (1) month since start date, $50 termination fee must be paid prior to being relieved of any further obligation for payment under this agreement.

Pre-paid memberships: Memberships are non-refundable unless prepaid for 6 months or longer. For long term (6 months or longer) pre-paid memberships, $50 termination fee applies. The used portion of the prepaid amount will be calculated based on the standard monthly fees at the time. Any left over from the prepaid amount will be refunded. Example of calculating refund: 12 months prepaid amount of $1,000, requested to terminate after 6 months. If current monthly rate for your level of membership is $110, 6 x $110 = $660, plus $50 termination fee = $710. The refund amount will be $290.

Spirit First Martial Arts has the right to cancel your membership at any time. Under these circumstances you will no longer be responsible for your monthly tuition payments.

Dojo Holidays / Class Cancelation

Recurring and long term pre-paid memberships: All SFMA tuitions are based on 4-week month, which leaves additional 4 weeks for dojo vacation throughout the year. Should the dojo be closed for 4 or more consecutive weeks, tuition payment will not be payable for that period.

Single class or up to 3 months pre-paid memberships: the validity of your membership will be extended by the holiday duration we take during periods outside of public holidays.

Updates / Changes / Notices - All upcoming events, changes and notices are always posted on the notice board at the dojo. News and updates are also emailed to all members as well as announced during training sessions.

Personal Data and Privacy - SFMA collects personal information for membership purposes, billing and insurance when you authorise this waiver. None of the information we collect from you is given, sold or traded to any third party unless we are required to do so by law. All information remains in-house and is used for future communication with you.

Photographs and media - photographs and/or videos of students may be taken during class, tournament and/or fun events organised by SFMA. SFMA reserves the right to post such photos and/or videos on SFMA social media channels, SFMA website or SFMA promotional materials. SFMA will not give, sell or trade this material to any third party unless we are required to do so by law.


At Spirit First Martial Arts Dojo we practice and teach traditional Okinawan Shorin Ryu Karate and Kobudo (weapons' art) and the practicality of the art for self-defence purposes.

Located in Slacks Creek, Queensland, we deliver karate classes to students from Springwood, Underwood, Slacks Creek, Rochedale, Rochedale South, Daisy Hill, Shailer Park, Loganholme, Tanah Merah and other Qld. suburbs.

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