Koga Ryu Kobujutsu

Soke Shogo Kuniba (Kokuba)
Kosei Kokuba

Koga Ryu was compiled by the Kokuba family with the complete curriculum taught to only a few western practitioners with Mr. R. P. Baillaigeon and Sensei Sali Azem being two.

Beside empty hand combat, the Okinawan's also developed the practice of Kobudo (weapons). Because of King Sho Shin and the later Satsuma Samurai ban on the traditional weapons (such as the samurai sword), the Okinawan's began using their everyday farming implements as weapons. From this practice the most commonly used weapons became well known: Bo (six foot staff), Kama (grass or rice sickle), Tonfa (Grist mill handle), and Nunchaku (rice flail). In fact the Zen Okinawan Kobudo Renmei reports practice in many less common weapons such as: Kuwa (Japanese Hoe), the Timbei and Rochin (Shield and short spear), as well as the Nunti Bo (Gaff like spear). Many of these weapons were used all over the islands with villages developing specialized techniques unique to that family or area. The Kokuba Family researched and collected many of these kata and the application for each one.

This curriculum has extensive training in:

  LONG WEAPONS such as -

Bo (six foot staff)
Nunti Bo (Nunti Sai on a Bo)
Eku Bo (Oar)
Yari (Spear)
Katana (Sword)
Naginata (Halberd)
Kama on 5ft. Staff
Sansetsu Bo (Three Sectional Bo)

  SHORT WEAPONS include -
Sai (Iron Trident)
Tonfa (Mill Handles)
Nunchaku (Flails)
Nunti Sai (Double Pointed Sai)
Tekko (Iron Knuckles)
Tenbei & Rochin
(Shield and Short Spear)
Niten Bo (Fighting Sticks)
Shuriken (Throwing Knives)
Tanto (Knife)
Kama (Sickles)
Kasuari Gamma
(Sickles and Weight on a Chain)

  plus others.


At Spirit First Martial Arts Dojo we practice and teach traditional Okinawan Shorin Ryu Karate and Kobudo, which consists of Chubu Shorin Ryu, Machimura Seito Shorin Ryu and Koga Ryu Kobudo (weapons' art) martial arts.

Located in Springwood, Queensland, we deliver karate classes to students from Springwood, Underwood, Slacks Creek, Rochedale, Rochedale South, Daisy Hill, Shailer Park, Loganholme, Tanah Merah and other Qld. suburbs.

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